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2014 - Create Your Masterpiece

The BASIS International Advantage

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Create Your Masterpiece 


A DAM-EDV Picture is Worth 1,000 Woods 
Answer your curiosity about “how ‘wood’ one go about writing an app for a smartphone?” as you read about DAM-EDV’s journey to deliver this innovative web-based mobile solution 14dam-edv

CarIT Integrates a ‘New Model’ With BBj 

Be inspired by this developer who tells, in his own words, how his company fully modernized their Microsoft technology app and their Visual PRO/5 app by converting and integrating them with BBj, paving the way for more future enhancements 14audev

Bleeding Heart Computer Security
Look out for security issues such as this one that affect apps using an OpenSSL library, and learn why BASIS remains vigilant about future risks 14heartbleed

The Anatomy of BBj
By Teresa Dominguez
Observe this dissection of BBj to better understand its components and how they connect to each other thereby contributing to its robust inner workings 14bbj

Add New Grid Selections to Your Toolbox
Migrate to the new Enhanced Selection Model for better user control of the grid and a more efficient development process 14grid

Wash up With SOAP Web Services 
In this easy-to-follow tutorial, learn how to use more complex data structures with your web services and implement Basic authentication 14webservices

Asynchronous Triggers Modify the Copy
Preview how to execute specific BBj code whenever write and remove operations occur on a list of monitored directories and files, and monitored databases, without blocking the data access operation 14triggers

Replication Redux
Read about the many improvements to the efficiency of your replication job, including maintaining large numbers of files being replicated from the source to the target 14replication

Have it Your Way With New BDT Preferences
Customize how you create and manage BBj projects to your own liking using a number of new advanced workspace preferences and project properties 14bdtprefs

BDT Tips for Less Pain and More Gain
Discover these features that BASIS’ own engineers say you ‘can’t live without’ in the BDT Eclipse plug-in CodeEditor, enhanced with BBj-specific capabilities 14bdttips

Test for Success With BBj Unit Test
Catch those bugs and fix them easily before you deliver your app, using the new BBj Unit Test Eclipse plug-in to run unit tests against your BBj code 14unittest

Building WindowBuilder
See into the future WB Eclipse plug-in with this Alpha version tool designed to help you lay out your graphical controls easily and quickly, matching your design 14wb

The Enterprise Manager Boldly Goes Forward

Live long and prosper using the expanded constellation of Enterprise Manager capabilities that take advantage of the latest desktop, browser, and mobile technologies 14em

Zero Deployment With JNLP

Discover how Java Web Start allows users to launch and run applications directly from the Internet using just a browser, eliminating the need for any special manual installation on the client machines 14jnlp

Don't Put All of Your Jetty Eggs in One Context


Dash Boredom With the Dashboard Utility
By Nick Decker
Uncover the more prominent features and capabilities in the new Dashboard Utility that will add pizzazz and take the boredom out of analyzing the data in your apps 14dashutility

Ready, Set, Drill!
By Christine Hawkins
Drill down for the instant gratification of having data magically appear at your fingertips when and where you need it using new Drilldown and Query Definitions 14drilldown

The Magic of the Widget Wizard
By Brian Hipple
Abracadabra, the Widget Wizard magically generates BBj object-oriented code to create, manage, and display widgets on a desktop or a variety of mobile devices 14widget

Easier Decision Making With the Dashboard Utility
By Nick Decker
Delve into how the Dashboard Utility reduces development time and facilitates building high quality dashboards with a modest amount of code 14dasheasy

AddonSoftware's Digital Dashboard Takes Off
By Carla Johnson and Christine Hawkins
Follow the development team as they create a sampling of ERP widgets to both pique prospects’ interest and benefit VAR’s own vertical development effort 14dashaddon

Makeover Your Images With BBXImage
By Nick Decker
Use this new utility to apply a wide assortment of edits to your BBjImage, Java Image, server image file, or image obtained from a URL 14bbximage

You Captured My Screen!
By Ralph Lance
Easily fulfill a number of once-difficult tasks with only a few lines of code to capture screenshots and BBj windows as BBjImage objects in both GUI and BUI 14screen

Painless Payables - Anywhere!
By Kurt Williams
Save time and effort by limiting the handling of paper, eliminating the filing of paper invoices, and automating check signing with this new go-anywhere feature 14payables


Inside BASIS

Putting Your Software Through its Paces
By Brian Sherman
Learn how BASIS finds bugs faster with a Java-based professional tool that tests BBj applications automatically with a graphical user interface 14autotest

A New Day for AddonSoftware Partnerships
By Paul Yeomans
Review the new no-membership-fee Authorized Partner tier that combines product discounts and free product training; an exceptional, low risk opportunity to help Value Added Resellers expand their businesses 14var

On-Demand Enlightenment at the BASIS E-Learning Center
By Amer Child
Sharpen your skills with the new online, on-demand, self-paced training portal, when and where you like, as it fits into your schedule 14elearning

OSAS Partner and Customer Conference
By Gale Robeldo 
Find out how the OSAS team is moving ahead with the latest BASIS technology and read about the BASIS highlights of the 2014 conferences 14roadscholar


BBj Logs
By Bruce Gardner
Take a fresh look at how BBj manages the logs and learn where to find them 14trz



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