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2013 - BUI, BUI Everywhere

The BASIS International Advantage


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BUI, BUI Everywhere


Bisco Gets More Bang for Their BBx Buck  

Learn how Bisco, with the help of BASIS Professional Services, moved to three-tiered architecture for greater scalability and reliability, and how they modernized the look and feel of their application to empower their users with new efficiencies, delivering substantial productivity gains. 13bisco

A Unique Business Opportunity 

Throw away the gamebook, it’s a whole new world for business software with open source, mobile, and cloud. Investigate the AddonSoftware Commercial Open Source partner program to add a dash of entrepreneurship to your tried-and-proven business software knowledge and work ethic. 13partner

How Business Apps Go Mobile 

Prodin Blends BASIS With Chocolate for Sweet Success 

Efficiently S€PArating Your Customers From Their Money 

Default CSS Gets a Makeover
Improve your BUI applications instantly with a new default BUI cascading style sheets theme. Any new or existing BUI app benefits from the updated default theme and almost 1,000 modifications to nearly 800 selectors, without requiring any extra work by developers. 13css

A Bountiful Selection of New CSS Selectors
By Nick Decker
Gain the power to create even more advanced and customized user experiences with an abundance of new CSS selectors. BASIS has shifted its CSS capabilities into overdrive. Go forth and customize! 13selectors

BUI to the Max – Amp Up and Fine-Tune
Maximize BUI's performance and fine-tune the appearance of your app to look more like a web application and less like one transplanted from the desktop. Now is the time for you to tune up your BUI application! 13bui

BBj’s CUI Gets a Big Power Boost 
Look at this win/win situation in which users enjoy faster CUI response times while BASIS enjoys code that is cleaner and easier to maintain. Using the SysConsole with a Web Start program or the TermConsole to run a character based application gains an average speed improvement of around 25%. 13performance

Automate BUI Deployment With the API 
Get your BBj app running as a BUI web app in just a few minutes. The updated BUI API handles this with ease. Also learn about the new BUI “load image,” “busy indicator,” and “end action” features. 13buiapp

Mix ’n Match Data Structures Between BBj and Java 
Learn some of the tricks and tips of the BBx language in BBj and the BBj API for using Java objects within your applications. 13data

BBjServlets Serving Web Content 
Delve deeper into taking advantage of the BBjServlet’s capabilities built on the protocol used by the World Wide Web. Stateless and built on the HTTP protocol, BBjServlet is the simplest way to share data and business rules with disparate systems. 13servlets

BBj DBMS Now Leaves PRO/5 Data Server in its Dust!

BASIS refactored the filesystem to dramatically improve concurrent read access. The BBj DBMS now better scales concurrent reads so multiple readers can more quickly access the same file at the same time, without any application code changes. 13bbjdbms

Replication Enhancement
Satisfy your need to include or exclude items that match particular filter criteria with the introduction of new glob and regex exclusion filters built into the replication interface. Replication configuration just got easier! 13replication

Revealing the Enhanced Data Dictionary
Meet the new enhanced data dictionary with its increased entity name limits, foreign key relationships, scale and precision, and date formats definable by column. Easily convert your old data dictionary with the Enterprise Manager Wizard. 13dd


The Toolset of the Future

Learn why BASIS chose to invest great time and many resources to move the development tools to the Eclipse environment, making your BBj project development life easier and more productive. Test it by following some simple getting-started tutorials that continue online. 13bdt


Enterprise Administration To-Go

Use the new browser-based Enterprise Manager to manage and configure any BBj installation from your mobile device of choice. Requiring no Java on the client and no need to install any plug-ins or applications, managing your installation(s) goes with you anywhere you go. 13admin


Barista Creations – Add Your App, Stir, and Enjoy
By Christine Hawkins
Develop in the Barista Application Framework to inherit new feature and function for your application without any development effort on your part! Recent enhancements include configurable and more sophisticated error handling, and filtered queries on forms and individual fields to further boost user productivity. 13barista

We’ve Got Mail, so You’ve Got Mail!
By Amer Child
Add value to any BBj application with an easy, no-cost email solution. Use two new classes – EmailDialog and EmailContact – to send emails from within any BBj GUI or BUI program, access a contact list with a click on the [To:] button, or attach a report to your email with the click of a button. 13mail

Customize and Beautify Barista Apps With CSS
By Ralph Lance
Meet the challenge of corporate and product branding by applying CSS to your Barista applications, without changing the code base, while improving the usability of your application. 13baristacss

Customizing Fonts in Barista
By Ralph Lance
See how BASIS granted the wishes of Barista developers by adding the ability to specify font family names, sizes, and styles. Apply these font customizations as you build forms in your Barista-generated applications to increase legibility and the overall user experience. 13fonts

BBjToJavadoc Documents Your Masterpiece
By Brian Hipple
Take advantage of this tool that can do the dreaded post-development task of documenting your finest object-oriented masterpiece. With little effort, you can generate your documentation – quickly, easily, accurately – formatted in the familiar and modern look and feel of Oracle's Javadoc tool. 13bbjtojavadoc

Double Your Pleasure With Eclipse Documentation
By Susan Darling
Uncover the new Eclipse documentation that is accessible two ways. Whether you prefer to view documentation in the traditional BASIS Help or within the new Eclipse plug-in, the choice is yours. One set of docs...two forms, two locations. 13eclipsedocs


Inside BASIS

BASIS has GitBug Control, Get Git too!
By Shaun Haney
Take action now with Git to facilitate the annoying need to back out a pesky bug after several revisions to the app or when you need to upgrade a heavily modified app while maintaining your customizations. Read about the benefits and how to ‘Git’ started. 13git

New Age of Application and Language Testing
By Robert Del Prete
Peek into the new BASIS testing process with automated tools that perform tests, track results, and provide timely feedback in a fraction of the time that once took a manual tester to accomplish. The result is a better quality product for BASIS developers and their customers. 13test

The Shortest Path to the BASIS DBMS and Zero Deployment
By Bruce Gardner
Modernize your PRO/5 or Visual PRO/5 deployment by following this simple path, especially forged for you by the BASIS experts. Follow these three easy and logical steps that add power, flexibility, and scalability to your application deployment. 13trz



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