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2012 - Develop Once, 'Click-Tap' Everywhere

The BASIS International Advantage


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BASIS and the TLA* and FLA* IT World 


ASCI Partakes RADically From the Barista Cup 
Gain inspiration from this real-world example of how ASCI RADically improved their GUI application with Barista, the BASIS GUI RAD tool. 12asci

EMQUE On Cue With BUI Apps That are ‘In’ 

See the widespread results in action of EMQUE’s pioneering introduction of BUI apps to the commercial construction community. 12emque

A Web Service Sprouts Great Benefits at Bluegrass 

EMS Prescribes BUI to Reduce Healthcare Expenses 

The Anatomy of a Web App Makeover: A Case Study
Examine how a web page makeover resulted in a BBj code-based web app that was smaller and easier to write, test, and debug. 12webapp

Going Fast, Faster, Fastest
By Adam Hawthorne
Experience maximized performance in BBj programs resulting from significant optimizations to the string handling code. 12optimize

Compressing Apps for Zippy Network Performance
Cut the bandwidth required to launch a thin client on first install or after an upgrade by over 60%! 12zipapps

Looks Better, Runs Faster 
Optimize your app’s images for higher quality, quicker display times, and better use of limited bandwidth. 12image

Turn On Data Auditing

Activate the new Change Audit Logging that builds fast and easy audit trails for all changes to the contents of BASIS file types. 12auditlog

Quick Fix for Slow SQL
Cut down on the time to analyze your data tables.


Built-in SQL Access to BASIS Keyed and CSV Files
Access any BASIS or CSV formatted data file without the need for a data dictionary with new built-in stored procedures. 12performance

BASIS SQL Gets Even Better
Expand SQL functionality with new SQL scripting, types, verbs, functions and views. 12sql

The Magical Reusable Dialog Wizard

Be amazed with the new Dialog Wizard that generates fully object-oriented BBj programs from a resource file. 12dialogwizard

Rest Easy - End Your WSDL Struggles

Eliminate much of the formality imposed by a WSDL-style Web Service with REST-based Web Services. 12rest

Babbling With the New Bundle of Joy
By Brian Hipple
Easily separate displayed string literals from the application code for translation and maintenance, whether or not your app babbles many languages. 12bundle

‘Git’dy Up, Developers
By Shaun Haney and Christine Hawkins
Jump out of the starting gate; upgrade your customized application with a tool that is easy to use and preserves all of your custom code! 12git

Customizable Mobile Report Viewer
Perfectly display interactive reports in a browser on your mobile device with the all new BBJasperViewer utility. 12reportviewer

BASIS IDE is in Java 7th Heaven
By Mike Phelps 
Jump ahead and update to Java 1.7 before the Oracle clock runs out. 12ide


Easily Install Your Apps With the BCI
By Brian Hipple
Imagine downloading, installing, configuring, and running your app without any user interaction or third party tool! 12custominstall

BBj Documentation is as Easy as JavaDocs
By Ralph Lance
Create API documentation automatically and directly from your BBj object-oriented application code. 12docs

BUI, GUI Everywhere

Give your app worldwide equal opportunity access with distributed BUI apps. 12gui

Platform-Independent Task Scheduler

Put power and flexibility at your fingertips with the new platform-independent scheduler. 12scheduler


Are You Prepared for Cloud Failure?


AddonSoftware: Ready, Set, Go Deploy!
By Christine Hawkins
Build or supplement your vertical market with this suite of Accounting, Distribution, and Manufacturing application building blocks and its newly ported Shop Floor Control module. 12addon

Barista Caffeinates a CUI App with GUI Sprinkles
By Ralph Lance
Integrate fully-functional graphical components with your existing BBx application with the least amount of effort. 12barista

DocOut Easily Modernizes BBx Reports
By Ralph Lance
Let DocOut give you all the output choices for your reports that you need for a modern app – print preview, PDF, XLS, CSV, XML, Google Docs, fax, email and archiving. 12docout

New Ways to Debug in Barista
By Ralph Lance
Simplify your troubleshooting efforts in your Barista and custom callpoint code with many new debugging features. 12debug


Inside BASIS

BASIS Unveils New Training Format
By Amer Child
Check out the new web-based training classes that incorporate pre-recorded content with live instructor interaction. 12training

BASIS Survived Amazon Outage
By Dr. Kevin W. King
Keep your website and other cloud applications running 100% with little to no risk of a calamity bringing your business to a screeching halt. 12survived

An Insider Look at BASIS Testing
By Aaron Wantuck
Feel confident in the extensive tests that BASIS runs before releasing a product. 12testing

Continuous Innovation at BASIS
By Mike Phelps
Look “behind the scenes” to what makes BASIS a stronger, more successful engineering company.12innovation

Java Breaks Deliver
By Paul Yeomans
Discover how the bimonthly Java Break sessions solved a key information delivery challenge. 12javabreak

What’s Needed to Run BBj?
By Bruce Gardner
Discover better answers than the resounding "well, it depends." 12trz



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