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2011 - Future-Proof With BASIS

The BASIS International Advantage


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Google, Cloud, Tablets, Smartphones - You are Future-Proof With BASIS 


Rechanneling the Revenue Stream at Mark Systems 
Marketing strategy at its best. Take a leaf out of their book to strategize your success. 11mark

AddonSoftware Steps Into the Cloud 

Announcing AddonSoftware Cloud Services! 11addon

BASIS and paperPlace Have it in the (Paper) Bag 

Learn from this web store success and benefit from their approach. 11paperplace

A Tab(let) a Day...Makes the Doctor’s Day

Mobility is just what the doctor ordered. 11heimbas

Parlez-BUI Français?
Localize your application with functionality and tools that simplify the process. 11builocal

By Jim Douglas
Discover the ease and beauty of creating charts without the need for a client-side JRE. 11bbjchart

Let's See Your John Hancock
Capture signatures on a variety of touchscreen devices – simple and secure. 11scribble

New Browse Method Eases File Open Process 
Create applications in a greater variety of formats without concern for their deployment environment. 11browse

Adding Style to BBx Web Apps With Custom CSS

Follow along with this guide to easily add some style to your BBx web apps. 11css

Easy Integration to Google Apps
Smooth the way using BASIS building blocks to maximize your app's cloud functionality. 11gapps
Chef’s Choice - the BUI Menu App
See just how easily you can use menus on any mobile device. 11buimenu
Let BUI Put Your App in Touch With Your Users
Take the plunge and follow along to create a BUI version of your app. 11buiapp
Take Control - Manage Your Enterprise
Learn how the Admin API gives you new control of Enterprise Manager features. 11adminapi
Need Cookies? Get User Properties
Indulge in this familiar tool to save time and give users greater enjoyment. 11cookies
Expand your possibilities with an easy way to connect your HTML pages to your
BBx programs. 11buicgi
PDF Security in Your Hands
Control the exact access of PDFd files with new security options. 11pdfsecurity

DB Security That You Have Always Dreamed About

Wake up, the key to providing controlled access to your production data is here! 11dbperms

Anatomy of a Replication Job 

Clone your valuable files and directories with realtime replication. 11replication

More Miles per SQL Gallon

Execute complex queries on the fly without the need to create and delete temporary
views and tables. 11sql

BASIS Extends Trigger Functionality With KEY Triggers
By Jeff Ash
Put the powerful new KEY triggers functionality to work for RECORD calls instead of SQL. 11keytriggers

New Barista Features Satiate Appetites 
Quench your need and desire for more advanced Barista query features. 11barista

Copy With Ease, Paste With Confidence 
By Mike Phelps 

Save money and time - deploy ThinClient SysConsole and enjoy the familiar
CTRL+ copy/paste shortcut. 11copypaste
New BBJasper Output Types, Including the Cloud!
By Brian Hipple
Quench your need and desire for more advanced Barista query features. 11bbjasper

Ready, Set, Go - Switch to IPv6 
Prepare today for a smooth transition to's a comin'. 11ivp6

Custom Apps Install - Easy as 1- 2- 3 
Install your application software in tandem with the BASIS product suite. 11custominstall

Perfection in the Cloud 

Take advantage of the cloud for development with unlimited hardware capacity and flexibility. 11cloud

Centralizing App Security Using Admin User Credentials
By Shaun Haney
Uncover how to make an administration program obtain and secure user passwords as needed. 11admin

A Home (Page) in Every Port 
By Jason Foutz
Customize the free built-in BBj home page for your precise needs. 11homepage

ERP in a Browser: BUI Takes Flight 
By Chris Hawkins
Bring your GUI BBj app to the Web with little or no additional effort. 11addonbui


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