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2010 - 25th Anniversary Edition

The BASIS International Advantage


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25th Anniversary


The Dawning of a New Age with BUI Apps

Discover the BUI revelation at EMQUE that is dramatically changing the look and feel of, and user's interaction with, their custom application. tai

TAI Scores a Whole in One With XCALL

See how this new verb lays a simple and solid bridge between a legacy Visual PRO/5 application and modern BBj functionality. emque

BUI to the Rescue

See one example of how to offer an application without requiring a JRE, while seeing a real-world example of BUI. bui

If it's Easier in BBj, Then Just XCALL it Forward

Follow along with this XCALL example to provide an easy no-fuss solution for creating a chart. xcall

BBjGeolocation is Here!

Find out what this new feature is and how it might add value to your apps. geolocation

BBj PDFs - Perfectly Displayed Formats

Deploy BASIS' PDF technology to create and distribute old or new reports in any of three easy methods. bbjpdf

Enterprise Manager Functionality Free at Last

Access the familiar functionality in an all-new way and even automate its capabilities for the end user. emfree

Database Update Wizard

Save time and energy creating an update solution for installations that require database changes. dbwizard

Automatic Database Analysis

Depend on this automatic database analyzer to dramatically boost the performance of SQL queries. dbanalysis

BBj IDE in the Beginning - Then and Now

Take a closer look at today's integrated development environment and gain some insider tips. ide

Our Salvation is in the Cloud

Understand the whys and wherefores of moving to the cloud and gain confidence as you witness BASIS' transformation of their infrastructure in the cloud. basiscloud

Battle of the Browsers - BUI Wins

Take a ring-side seat to discover why browsers matter and how you can end up on top with BUI. browsers

Introducing the BASIS Custom Installer

Meet the BASIS Custom Installer; it is Pure Java and packs a lot of punch that will outlive its third party contenders. custinstall

BBj's Web Integration is Better Than Ever

Discover new support for Secure Socket Layer connections for all types of Web connections. webintegration

LDAP/Active Directory Authentication in BBj

Use this new feature to manage all user accounts from a single authentication source. activedir

Plumbing the Barista Framework into BBj Forms

Learn how to incorporate Barista menus and toolbuttons into your custom forms to extend functionality and provide a consistent look and feel. barista

Preserving Your Customizations

Have the best of both worlds - off the shelf functionality and customizations that withstand the test of time and upgrades to the base application. preserving

AddonSoftware's Barista Building Blocks Strategy

Understand the strategy upon which BASIS built a smart and savvy business solution. strategy

Party Time - LaunchDock Goes Pure Java

Reduce your dependency on third party components beginning with BASIS' own LaunchDock. launchdock


Road Scholar

BASIS Successfully Prospects in Bulgaria 


Barista Gets a Hot Chile Reception in Santiago 

Canada's Software Showcase 2010 

OSAS and BASIS in the Bright Lights of Las Vegas


Mining the Future with Diamond 725  

Tech Resource Zone

Virtual Licensing Key to Apps in the Cloud

Select to use the BASIS DBMS from your Visual PRO/5 or PRO/5 code.



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