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2008 - New Opportunities

The BASIS International Advantage

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New Leadership, New Tools, New Building Blocks, New Promise
and Dr. Kevin W. King


Starwood's Web Service Shines Brighter

Gaze into the Web solution this hospitality industry leader implemented with astronomical capacities.

Dishing Up Forms

Learn how to dish up - quickly, easily, accurately - even the most complicated forms using the BBjForm object.

T Minus 0 - BASIS LaunchDock Blasts Off

Find out about new color, font, file and directory chooser controls that can enhance any GUI business application.

Blowing the Doors Wide Open With ClientObjects

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Explore BBj's new ClientObject feature and learn how to use it to create and implement client-side Java Objects.

Quick and Easy Solutions With Free Java Libraries - Part 1

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Use Java objects to enhance your business applications with such capabilities as reading/writing to Microsoft Excel files.

Quick and Easy Solutions With Free Java Libraries - Part 2

Walk through the actual process of downloading and implementing a Java library.

BASIS Adds Mapping Functionality to BBjRecordSets

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Learn how easily mapped recordsets make it possible to display human readable descriptions of table data, whether from AppBuilder or via the BBj API.

More on Client File Access

Determine in which situations client files are useful and discover how to create client-side files as well as how to edit and transfer the files to and from the client.

Inner Types Exposed

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Investigate how inner types - inner classes and interfaces - can improve the object-oriented programming process.

Socket to Me

Going beyond the benefits of utilizing socket communications, explore the latest cryptographic protocol available and how it provides secure communications over the Internet or on the corporate LAN.

Deliver a Package Tracking System

See how simple it is to add a package tracking system to a business application.

Real-time Web Reports

Discover how to create Web-based reports, complete with charts and graphics, to provide real-time access to your corporate data.

Databound Grid - Data Abstraction Extended

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Take advantage of BBj's ability to simplify the presentation of database contents to the screen, reducing the time to build powerful and flexible data-oriented applications.

Take a Plunge Into SQL-Transactions

Jump into this useful tool for preserving data integrity without the need for a third party database.

All Aboard the REGEXP

Hop aboard and use regular expressions in your database queries to match arbitrary patterns of strings as specified by a user.

Data Warehousing II

Learn how to employ triggers to provide a complete data warehouse solution for all of your company's data.

From the BASIS DD to a Barista App in a Flash - Part 1

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Discover how to create a modern GUI application simply and easily from an existing BASIS database.

From the BASIS DD to a Barista App in a Flash - Part 2
The detailed steps that demonstrate how to jump-start your usage of Barista's great capabilities.

Goodbye Event Loop, Hello Process Events

Welcome this more modern, succinct, and efficient way to handle events in your application.

The Extreme Enterprise Manager Makeover

Discover how the Barista Application Framework brewed a legacy application into an exciting new creation.

Freshly Brewed - Barista Caffeinates Addon Accounting Applications!

Discover how the Barista Application Framework brewed a legacy application into an exciting new creation.

BBj Thrives on the Web

Learn how this BBj application became the leading e-commerce tool in the entire German stationery and office supply wholesale industry.


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