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2007 - 'BBx'cellerate Your Application

The BASIS International Advantage

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Brewing up new Blends for TechCon2007 



RCG Uses Marketing Skills to Achieve OSAS "Top Dog" Status

Follow RCG's route to success; implementing sales and marketing focused changes that ultimately lead them to become the #1 OSAS performer.

Marex Returns Home to BASIS - A Personal Journey

Join this former BBx-turned-Java programmer's journey as he takes on the challenge to test drive new BASIS development tools.

Spin, Slide, or View Your Data

Explore these new features that will help streamline and modernize BBx applications

If You Have Choices, We Have Choosers

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Find out about new color, font, file and directory chooser controls that can enhance any GUI business application.

BBj Spell Checker is all the Buzz

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Empower users to spell check their text inside text box controls.

A Tour of the BBjCharts API

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Learn how to display application data in a variety of graphical charts.

Voyaging Deeper Into the BBjCharts API

Explore the deeper terrain of A Tour of the BBjCharts API. Learn how to customize the basic bar/line/pie charts and create dozens of other types using BBjGenericChart - a new control that allows developers to create ring, box and whisker, and Gantt charts, to name a few.

Leap from 'Cut and Paste' to 'Drag and Drop'

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Make the move from traditional editing to the slick drag and drop capability found in many other common applications.

Desktop Data Delivered

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Discover the new freedom to access information anywhere: on the server or client.

Catching the XML Wave

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Learn how to simplify the rather complex interaction with Java's XML packages using BBj Custom Objects.

Unleashing the Power of SPROCs Without SQL

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Learn how to return an SQL record set or new Memory Record Set from information without SQL.

Solving the Data Warehousing Dilemma

Realize the full potential of triggers and relational ESQL Tables and how they resolve age-old data warehousing problems.

Watch the Form Gen Wizard Trans"form" Data

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Get an up-close look at the Form Gen Wizard and see rapid development in action.


Brewing up GUI Apps With the Barista Application Framework

Meet Barista, a powerful new framework for building applications quickly with simple data and interrelationship definitions.

BBj 7.0 is a hit at Descore Showcase 

TechView2007 Travels Cross Country 

BASIS and OSAS Partners in Profit


BASIS Takes Training to the Next Generation

Tech Resource Zone
Jars, Jars, and More Jars



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