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Online Resources (click here)

Many of your product questions may already be addressed in BASIS Knowledge Base articles, online FAQs, BASIS International Advantage articles, and discussion forums. Search these resources for immediate information.

Technical Support

Upload file(s) for BASIS Technical Support hereIf you do not have an active support incident and do not receive a response concerning your upload in 12 hours or the next business day, please send an email to

If you purchased your BASIS product from a distributor, reseller, OEM, or any company outside the United States, please contact your representative for technical support.

For more information, about BASIS evaluation and emergency licenses click HERE.

BBj/BBx Support

Barista Support
AddonSoftware Support

BBj/BBx - US and Mexico (back to top)

Please review the BBx Generations and Barista Customer Support Handbook which describes how BASIS USA responds to customer requests for BBx (BBj, PRO/5, and/or Visual PRO/5) support when BASIS USA is the customer's primary support resource.

Please use one of the following methods listed in order of call priority:

  1. Phone +1.505.345.5021
  2. Online for Evaluation and Emergency Licenses
  3. Email

BASIS responds within one business day during business hours 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Mountain Time, Monday through Friday (except for company holidays).

To open an incident report, please provide:

  • Product serial number(s)
  • Name of the product
  • Revision level
  • Contact information, including your name, your company, and a telephone or fax number or return e-mail address
  • A detailed description of the problem, including any error messages and TCB(10) values. Preferably provide a self-contained program sample that exhibits the problem. Alternately, isolate the code block or function in which the error is occurring and provide us the values of any variables referenced in it.

In addition, the following information is helpful in providing you with the best possible support and most accurate answers:

  • What are the operating system and the revision level?
  • What version is the JRE/JDK you are using with BBj?
  • Is the error reproducible or sporadic?
  • Is the error isolated to a specific machine or user?
  • Is the problem concerning a new or existing installation?
  • Do you think the problem may be network related? If so, provide details about your network.

BASIS Technical Support enters all requests automatically into the Technical Support Call Tracking System and assigns an identification number. BASIS follows all call-tracking system entries through to resolution.

Online Resources (back to top)

For quick answers to your questions, try a Google custom search of our varied web publications such as white papers, tutorials, and the resources listed below.

  • Product Documentation – access current product documentation online or download it for local access
  • The BASIS International Advantage – browse this archive of technical articles and success stories
  • Knowledge Base – short technical articles about BASIS products from the expansive library
  • Discussion Forums – participate in online discussions with other developers through Google Groups (most forums are moderated by BASIS personnel)
  • Wikis - Share resources and access documentation, sample code, or other development artifacts provided by the community.
  • Bugzilla Bug Tracker - View and search reported bugs found in the BASIS Product Suite. Click the desired link below to log in or request access.

Barista (back to top)

Please review the BBx Generations and Barista Customer Support Handbook which describes how BASIS USA responds to customer requests for Barista support when BASIS USA is the customer's primary support resource. Subscribe to and post your Barista-related questions to the BASIS Google Groups Discussion Forum.

AddonSoftware (back to top)

  • AddonSoftware by Barista - Subscribe to and post your AddonSoftware-related questions to the BASIS Google Groups Discussion Forum.
  • Versions 6 and 7 - Call +1.505.750.1411


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