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SaaS Promotion FAQ

1. Is this promotion available for any BASIS product license?

Yes, for any standard, enterprise, or combo license.

2. Is this promotion available for any license that was never covered by SAM?

No. The primary benefit of the promotion is to obviate the need to pay the reinstatement fee which is not required for a license that was never covered by a SAM plan.

3. Where is this offer valid?

This promotion is valid only in the US and international reseller territories and excludes international distributor territories. Contact your international distributor for details of their current promotions.

4. What if I want a permanent license that does not expire?

Follow the terms of Upgrade Policy; purchase SAM retroactively from the original date of purchase plus a non-discountable reinstatement fee of 12% of the list price of a new license. An additional upgrade option is the Upgrade From Another Business BASIC policy.

5. What are the advantages of exchanging a license for a SaaS license rather than purchasing a standard upgrade?

The greatest benefit of this is there is no reinstatement fee, which may be quite costly, and the annual renewal process is easy and convenient.

6. What happens if I do not renew SAM on my SaaS license?

A SaaS license with expired SAM coverage converts back to a permanent license at the original revision level before the exchange. In other words, a permanent PRO/5 license at revision 3.0 exchanged for a SaaS license would convert back to its original permanent PRO/5 rev 3.0 license.

7. What if I want to convert to a perpetual license at a later date?

If you exchanged a perpetual license to a SaaS license under this promotion, you can convert the SaaS license to a perpetual license at any time by paying the ruling SAM reinstatement fee.

8. Can I add users to the new license?

Yes. The cost of adding users is the same as adding users to a regular license.

9. If I've added users and I allow the license to expire, will I get the additional users added to my original permanent license?


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