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Pricing and Return Policies



License Pricing Policy  

With the simplified BASIS licensing model, one license file runs all current BASIS products.

1. Multiple single-user licenses are NOT the same as a multiuser license. Each single-user license is priced at the one (1) user price, regardless of how many single-user licenses are purchased. Multiuser licenses (i.e., one license for many users) are priced according to the number of users, with cost decreasing as the number of users increases.
2. All prices are in U.S. dollars and are discountable to Authorized BASIS Resellers. This price table is intended for those customers who are not in a territory serviced by an Authorized BASIS Distributor. Customers in regions served by an Authorized BASIS Distributor should contact their Distributor for the price table applicable to their region.

Return Policy
Only unregistered licenses may be eligible for refunds within 30 days of the invoice date. Contact your Sales Representative or Authorized BASIS Reseller or Distributor for terms and conditions. Processing fees may apply.

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