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Legacy Tools

Standalone tools that assisted developers of the early BBx generations include:

GUIBuilder - a complete visual programming environment that simplified the creation of event-driven GUI programs for developers at any experience level; superseded by AppBuilder in the BASIS NetBeans IDE

ResBuilder - a Windows utility for designing the overall look of the program and building top-level forms, child windows, and menus; superseded by FormBuilder in the BASIS NetBeans IDE

DDBuilder - a Windows utility used for creating and maintaining data dictionaries and a companion for Visual PRO/5 and the BASIS ODBC Driver; superseded by the Enterprise Manager

The BASIS NetBeans IDE further enhanced the GUIBuilder, ResBuilder, and DDBuilder modules by using the inherent flexibility and super-powered capabilities of Java. These were completely replaced by the Eclipse IDE.

BASIS replaced NetBeans IDE with the BASIS Eclipse IDE plug-ins, which included WindowBuilder, the replacement for FormBuilder, and AppBuilder. Read more about it in the BASIS Advantage article The Toolset of the Future.

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