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Founded in 1985 on the principle of providing a platform independent Business BASIC interpreter and database, BASIS progressively extends the syntax and functionality of an extremely popular and intuitive programming language. BASIS successfully transformed the language from a purely character-based interface to graphical user interface and beyond.

Worldwide popularity of Business BASIC among programmers is greatly due to the interactive nature of the language with such features as line-based syntax checking and a runtime debugger. By delivering the developer community platform independence, BASIS enables developers to choose the platforms for their business applications. As a result, both the developer and BASIS enjoys joint successes.

Keeping their original development philosophy, BASIS blazed a trail into the new century with an ambitious and innovative product direction - to offer the same platform independence to the GUI world. Now, with over 20 years experience developing BBx®, BASIS lives out their commitment to the ongoing progression of their technology. Considered a gift to the Business BASIC community, BBx is like the gift that keeps on giving.

Current BBx offerings are the mature character-based language, PRO/5®; the efficient Windows extension, Visual PRO/5®; and the latest BBx generation, BBj®, the Java-based object-oriented extension of Business BASIC.

Review a detailed BASIS Platform Availability list for these languages on the popular Windows, Linux/UNIX (*nix), and Mac platforms or download any of these products and evaluate them today!

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