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KB#01214-How to get a list of SPROCs from a BBj program


How to get a list of SPROCs from a BBj program


Here is a simple BBj program that will print out a list of SPROCs in a database along with their descriptions. The java.sql.DatabaseMetaData interface in the Java API docs contains the information about SPROCs (or other database items like tables, functions, indexes, etc.). 

!dbMeta in the sample code is an instance of this interface. 

bbj! = BBjAPI() 
con! = bbj!.getJDBCConnection("ChileCompany", "uid=admin,pwd=admin123") 
dbMeta! = con!.getMetaData() 
rs! = dbMeta!.getProcedures("", "", "%") 
while (rs!.next()) 
print rs!.getString("PROCEDURE_NAME") + ": " + rs!.getString("REMARKS") 

Last Modified: 11/04/2009 Product: BBj Operating System: All platforms

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