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KB#01175-The Uninstaller is Unable to Run in Graphical Mode


The Uninstaller is Unable to Run in Graphical Mode


This uninstall error message may occur on Windows Vista systems: 

'The Uninstaller is unable to run in graphical mode. Try running the uninstaller with te -console or -silent flag.


1. The uninstaller can be run from the <bbjhome>/_uninst directory with the -console option 

2. Disable 'Compatibility Mode' for the uninstaller: 

a. Right-click the <bbjhome>\_uninst\uninstaller.exe; select Properties; click Compatibility tab. 

b. If 'Run this program in compatibility mode..' is checked, uncheck it and try to run installer again. Be sure to click 'Show Settings for All Users' and confirm that compatibility mode is turned off there as well. 

Last Modified: 11/07/2008 Product: BBj Operating System: N/A

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