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KB#01173-Instructions and sample JNLP to be used without a WEB Server


Instructions and sample JNLP to be used without a WEB Server


Another method of running a thin client from a shared location is to run a JNLP file. The jnlp file listed below may be modified for your specific paths and applications. This JNLP does not require a Web server to work. This method is available with BBj Rev 8. 

Map a shortcut to the jnlp file from the clients. This can be a Window or Unix server and you can use either the mapped drive or UNC name. 

The paths in JNLP file can use the UNC name for the path to the directory where the JNLP file will be located or the mapped drive. Here is sample using the UNC name. 


It is suggested to also place the following .jar files in this directory: 


Add the appropriate WebStart jar for the client's OS in this directory, as an example: 


Sign the jar files following the method in the link below.

Modify the following to location where BBj services is running: 


And the path the server running BBJ to correct path for the application name: 


Listed below is a link to the WEB Start documentation providing more details on the layout of the file and help in understanding of its format. The information regarding Web server may be ignored since the method being deployed does not require a web server.


Sample JNLP file: 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 
<!-- JNLP File for SwingSet2 Demo Application --> 
<title>BASIS Application</title> 
<vendor>BASIS International Ltd.</vendor> 
<description>BASIS Application</description> 
<icon href="bbjicon.jpg"/> 
<j2se version="1.3+" inital-heap-size="48m" max-heap-size="48m"/> 
<jar href="BBjThinClient.jar"/> 
<jar href="ThirdParty.jar"/> 
<jar href="BBjBootstrap.jar"/> 
<resources os="Windows 95"> 
<nativelib href="webstart2166.jar"/> 
<resources os="Windows 98"> 
<nativelib href="webstart2166.jar"/> 
<resources os="Windows Me"> 
<nativelib href="webstart2166.jar"/> 
<resources os="Windows NT"> 
<nativelib href="webstart2166.jar"/> 
<resources os="Windows 2000"> 
<nativelib href="webstart2166.jar"/> 
<application-desc main-class="com.basis.bbj.client.comm.WebStartLauncher"> 

Last Modified: 12/31/2008 Product: BBj Operating System: All platforms

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