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KB#01107-Error=0, TCB(10)=-32, when printing to spooler in AIX


Error=0, TCB(10)=-32, when printing to spooler in AIX


This error can occur when attempting to print to the AIX spooler if permissions are not correct at the OS level. 

Attempting to print a file at the OS level returns the following error: 

        enq: (FATAL ERROR): 0781-167 Could not get process credentials. Errno = 1. 

        Enq: errno = 1: Operation not permitted. 


Check permissions on the following directories. 

lpstat: enq 0781-167: could not get process credentials 
Permissions on enq were wrong: chmod 6555 /bin/enq 
Permissions had inadvertently been set to the wrong value for all files in /usr/bin. 

This information was taken from article found on this error message.

Last Modified: 01/02/2006 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: AIX Error Number: OS Error: 32

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