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KB#01104-Notes regarding Basis Advantage Article - " - a Sweet New Suite"


Notes regarding Basis Advantage Article - " - a Sweet New Suite"


Q. I read the article about Open in the 20th Anniversary Edition of the BASIS Advantage magazine: 

I downloaded and installed OpenOffice and am having trouble configuring OOo Base so that it doesn't return an error. For the Datasource URL, I entered: 


Then I added 
to the JDBC Driver class. When I click on "Test Class", I get JDBC Driver Test: 

        The JDBC driver could not be loaded. 

What have I missed or am I doing wrong? 


First, confirm the JDBC Driver class JAR was added to your OpenOffice CLASSPATH. 
To do this, start (OOo): 

1. Go to Tools --> Options 
2. Expand the node under and select the Java node (at the bottom) 
Wait until your JVM shows up in the list. (This may take a few seconds.) 
3. Click the 'Class Path...' button. 
4. Click 'Add Archive' and then find the BBjJDBC.jar file and select it (so it is highlighted) 
5. Click OK until you are out of the options panel. 
6. Exit OpenOffice. Be sure to also close the OpenOffice quick start in the System Tray. 
7. Restart 

Once the above is done, OOo should be able to find the driver now. If you still have problems, reboot the computer, then go into OpenOffice again and see if that resolves the problem. 

Last Modified: 12/30/2005 Product: BBj

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