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KB#01095-ERROR=69 returned when BBj PRO5 Data Server accessed incorrectly


ERROR=69 returned when BBj PRO5 Data Server accessed incorrectly


The BBj P5 Data Server does not accept connections from BBj session. It was developed to allow access from the Pro5 family of products. It accepts connections from PRO/5, VPRO/5, or ODBC connections. 

Attempting to open a file from a BBj SysConsole using the default port of 2100 for the BBj Pro5 Data Server: 

         open(1)"/<server,port=2100>C:/program files/basis/SomeFile" 

returns an error=69. 

(V)PRO/5 opens the file without problem using: 

open(1)"/<server,port=2100>C:/program files/basis/SomeFile" 

Last Modified: 12/29/2005 Product: BBj Operating System: all OS Error: 69

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