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KB#01061-Speed considerations when searching for FLEXlm license files


Speed considerations when searching for FLEXlm license files


Multiple extraneous license files (*.lic) can cause delays when searching for a license. 

When using mulitple BASIS Products you may have multiple BASIS.lic files and actual license files. It is always best to remove old, unused license pointer files (BASIS.lic) and also demo license files to ensure that the BLM startup time is not being degraded with attempts to locate a valid license file. 

Also, consider any other application that use FlexLM licensing as these application may also use the *.lic extension as well for their licensing. 

To ensure start up time is not wasted looking for licensing, make sure that all unnecessary license files are removed or renamed. 

With the BASIS ODBC driver, the license files are contained in the System32 directory. Remove any expired DEMO licenses from this directory. 

With PRO/5 the BASIS.lic pointer file is located in the pro5 directory. Remove any serial number based license files in the pro5 directory. 

With VPRO/5 the BASIS.lic pointer file is located in the vpro5 directory, remove any stray 
BASIS.lic files or any other .lic files that do not belong there. 

In the BASIS License Manager directory, remove any expired DEMO license files and if users have been added to a current serial number, be sure to rename or remove the previous license file so that it is not read prior to license file with the additional users.

Last Modified: 07/12/2004 Product: License Manager

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