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KB#01042-How to prevent the JRE from using the XP theme in BBj


How to prevent the JRE from using the XP theme in BBj


If you prefer your Swing app to look like a classic Windows app you can turn off the XP look using the system property swing.noxp=true. This should be used as a parameter to java, you can modify this from the Enterprise Manager: 

1) Open up the EM, log into the appropriate server 
2) Open the Java Settings property page 
3) Click on the JVM tab in the Java Settings window 
4) Select the Default JVM entry and click the Properties... button 
5) Append 
to the end of the Arguments list 
6) Restart BBjServices to force the change into effect. 

Note that the swing.noxp property may not be supported in future releases. 

Last Modified: 02/24/2004 Product: BBj Operating System: Windows XP

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