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KB#00954-BLM will not Start on Sun Solaris, FLEXlm error -16


BLM will not Start on Sun Solaris, FLEXlm error -16


The following error message is received in the BLM log file: 

>16:41:51 (basis) Server started on server_name for: PRO5_DEV 
>16:41:51 (basis) Vendor daemon can't talk to lmgrd (Cannot read data from 
>license server (-16,287:22 "Invalid argument")) 
>16:41:51 (lmgrd) Vendor daemon died with status 39 
>16:41:51 (lmgrd) Since this is an unknown status, lmgrd will 
>16:41:51 (lmgrd) attempt to re-start the vendor daemon. 

The file will grow extremely large in a short amount of time as it attempts to start the vendor daemon. It is necessary to kill the blm process id. 


Modify the BasisRunLM file to include the following lines: 

ulimit -n 1024 
ulimit -n -H 1024 

Or create a script file : 

ulimit -n 1024 
ulimit -n -H 1024 

The same error can also occur on the client side if the ulimit is set too high for the user that is starting PRO/5 and so the same thing needs to be added to whatever script the users are using to run PRO/5. 

Last Modified: 02/24/2004 Product: License Manager Operating System: Solaris

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