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KB#00900-FLEXlm node locks to Dial- Up Adapter when no NIC card present


FLEXlm node locks to Dial- Up Adapter when no NIC card present


FLEXlm will use the NIC address returned by the Dial-Up Adaptor. This address changes after each re-boot and will make a single user node locked license for Vpro5 or the ODBC driver invalid. The typical error returned is a FLEXlm error 9 but FLEXlm 15, 96 or 97 may also be returned. 


Node lock the license to the disk serial number in this situation. During registration, it will automatically fill in the erroneous NIC address but this information can be overwritten on the registration screen. 

The disk serial number may be obtained by the following methods: 

Type the following at the DOS prompt> 

        c:>dir /p 

Or, Type the following at the DOS prompt> 


The disk serial number is listed as the volume serial number: 

        Volume in drive C has no label. 
        Volume Serial Number is 640F-DE1D 

IMPORTANT!! The format for entering the disk serial number on the registration screen is as follows, and must include "DISK_SERIAL_NUM" and the dash is removed from the disk serial number: 


Globetrotter, the developers of FLEXlm, are aware and acknowledge this behavior in their product. 

Last Modified: 12/31/2001 Product: License Manager Operating System: Windows OS Error: 9, 15,96,97

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