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KB#00886-Moving Visual PRO/5 from one PC to a different PC


Moving Visual PRO/5 from one PC to a different PC


Here are two possible situations and the necessary steps : 

1. BASIS License Manager and/or single user node lock license Visual PRO/5: 
a. If you are moving the BASIS License Manager to another machine or moving a single user Visual PRO/5. Uninstall the License Manager and/or Visual PRO/5. 
b. Email BASIS Sales at and request to have the license counter reset so you can 
re-register the Visual PRO/5 license for the new machine. 
c. Install the BASIS License Manager and / or Visual PRO/5 to the new machine. 
d. Register for a new BASIS License via web browser, telephone (01.505.338.4171), email (, or fax (01.505.338.4178). 
e. Once you have received the new license file from the license server using one of the above methods, run the 'Install a BASIS License' program. 

2. BASIS License Manager on server machine and (multi-user) Visual PRO/5 on a different PC, with or without a PRO/5 Data Server: 
a. Install Visual PRO/5 to the new PC 
b. Run the 'Install a BASIS License' program. The first window that appears has 3 different options for you to choose from: 
        * Install a single-user BASIS Visual PRO/5 license on this machine 
        * Configure this application to use the BASIS License Manager 
        * Configure this application to use a BASIS PRO/5 Data Server License 
c. Your choice will be either the second or third option. If you also have a PRO/5 Data Server, then choose the third option. If you do NOT have a PRO/5 Data Server but the BASIS License Manager is on another machine (multi-user VP5) then choose the second option. 
d. Enter the hostname of the machine that the BLM or the P5 Data Server resides. 

Last Modified: 11/28/2000 Product: Visual PRO/5 Operating System: Windows

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