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KB#00848-Establishing Socket Connections


Establishing Socket Connections


Step by step instructions to get sockets communicating in (v)pro5. This goes along with the examples in the Socket Overview documentation, but includes a few more things. 

0. Add the following alias line to the config.bbx file. 
        alias N0 tcp "" nodelay 
1. Open one session of Vpro/5. 
2. Start a server session. 
        >open (2,MODE="port=12000")"N0" 
3. From a DOS prompt, type: 
        c:\> netstat -a |more 
        (This will show the server started on port 12000 and it should say it's "listening".) 
4. Open a second session of VPRO/5. 
5. Start a client session. 
        >open (1,MODE="host=localhost,port=12000")"N0" 
6. From client session: 
        >write(1) "socket test" 
7. From server session: 
        >read (2)a$ 
        socket test (value of a$) 
8. From Client session: 
        >input "enter something: ",i$ 
        enter something: another socket test 
        >let i$=i$+$0D0A$;write record(1)i$ 
9. From Server session: 
        >print a$ 
        another socket test 

Last Modified: 02/23/2004 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: N/A

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