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KB#00813-Error 7's with PRO5 Rev 2.x and higher


Error 7's with PRO5 Rev 2.x and higher


Some error 7's are surfacing now when customers upgrade to PRO5 REV 2.x and higher. By design, there is more extensive error checking. The 3.x series of PRO/5 has even more extensive error checking that allows large files to be created and recovered if they do become corrupt. If data files have remnants of BBx3 or BBx4, the potential is there for PRO5 REV 2.x+ to find file corruption and report error7's. 

BASIS has always recommended (in release notes) that direct and mkeyed files from BBx3 or BBx4 should have _fix run on them after upgrading to PRO/5. Since we are checking new keys and are doing more error checking on data files in PRO5 REV 2.x+, it would also be a good idea to notify customers of the _fix procedure when upgrading to PRO5 Rev 2.x+ or higher. 

Last Modified: 05/04/2004 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: All platforms Error Number: 7

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