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KB#00805-How the BLM determines whether to check out a second license.


How the BLM determines whether to check out a second license.


We know that every time a pro5/vpro5 session is invoked, the basis.lic is scanned and a license is then dispensed by the the BLM to the client. 

Now once the same workstation opens a second, third, and more sessions, then 3 areas are looked at by the BLM to determine whether or not a another license will be checked out or not, for that client. 

The 3 areas are: 
IP address, and 
display, i.e. tty. 

If any one of these change, then another license would be checked out for that client. 

For example, if you had a 'system' user running vpro5, there would be one license checked out. On the same workstation, if 'joeuser' invoked a vpro5 session, then this would require a second license. Even though the display and IP address are the same, the user changed from system to joeuser.

Last Modified: 02/28/2005 Product: License Manager Operating System: All platforms

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