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KB#00802-Error=29 using FONT Mnemonic with a SYSPRINT Device


Error=29 using FONT Mnemonic with a SYSPRINT Device


An optional character set parameter was added to the 'FONT' mnemonics in VPro5 Rev 2.00 to improve international support. 

The complete syntax for the SYSPRINT 'FONT' mnemonic is: 

         'FONT'(name{, characters per inch, point size{, character set}}) 

When the character set parameter is omitted, it defaults to 1. By setting this parameter to 2, it will work more consistently and solve most Error=29, Mnemonic Errors using a SYSPRINT device. 

Standard statement: 

        PRINT(chan) 'FONT'("Font_Name",6,24) 

Modified statement: 

        PRINT(chan) 'FONT'("Font_Name",6,24,2) 

This may or may not work on all platforms or setups. Please also see KB article 00167 for information on using the 'FONT' mnemonic with a SYSPRINT device. 

Last Modified: 03/09/2000 Product: Visual PRO/5 Operating System: Windows Error Number: 29

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