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KB#00792-Novell BASIS.NLM will not load


Novell BASIS.NLM will not load


When loading the basis.nlm, if you get the following error: 

Module did not release 3104 resources 
Module: FLEXlm License Manager for BASIS In 
Resource: Small Memory Allocations 
Description: Alloc Memory (Bytes) 

or "cannot find license.dat". 


Check the following: 

1.Verify that the load line is correct. A typical load line would be: 

        load basis -l sys:\basis\blm\blmgr.txt -c sys:\basis\RO555555.lic;sys:\basis\RO555556.lic 

For example, make sure the -l and -c are lower case. That the RO, which starts the permanent license file name, is in fact letter O and not a 0(zero). The RO can be either upper or lower case. 

2. Verify the whole load line for accuracy including the directory structure. 

3. Verify that the blm, vpro5 and permanent licenses are in the correct directories. 

4. Verify that there is not a /basis/ subdirectory within the system directory. It is recommended the BASIS products be installed to default directories such as sys:\basis 

Example of Blmgr.txt file error message: 

18:55:47 (basis) cannot open lock file (SYS:\SYSTEM\basis): sys_errlist[] not available 
18:55:49 (basis) cannot open lock file (SYS:\SYSTEM\basis): sys_errlist[] not available 
19:11:16 (basis) cannot open lock file (SYS:\SYSTEM\basis): sys_errlist[] not available 
19:15:15 (basis) cannot open lock file (SYS:\SYSTEM\basis): sys_errlist[] not available

Last Modified: 07/23/2003 Product: Visual PRO/5 Operating System: Novell

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