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KB#00776-FLEXlm error -15,12


FLEXlm error -15,12


flexlm error -15,12: 
Cannot connect to license server. The server (lmgrd) has not been started yet, or the wrong port@host or license file is being used, or the port or hostname in the license file has been changed. 


1.) Verify the BASIS License Manager is running. 


From an os prompt under UNIX, type 

ps -elf |grep basis 

There should be 2 processes returned in addition to the grep process. One will have "basis_lmgrd" and the other will begin with "basis -T". If both of these processes are not there, then stop and restart the license manager program. 


Check Task Manager/ Processes for basis.exe and basis_lmgrd.exe processes. If both of these processes are not there, then stop and restart the license manager program via Control Panel/ Administrative tools/ Services. 

2.) Verrify that the BASIS License Manager machine name in the basis.lic pointer file is correct for the machine running the BLM, also try the IP address.


3) The TCP/IP stack has not been setup and configured properly. To troubleshoot this, begin with: 

ping hostname 

A System Error 117 (under unix) will return: 

no route to host 


4.) Verify that the BASIS License Manager machine and the local workstation have a hosts file. It is recommended that both the server and workstation IP address be included in both hosts files. 

Sample hosts file entries: server_name workstation_name 

If you are using DNS, verify that your BASIS License Manager machine is in your DNS Server with the correct host name and IP address. 

In UNIX, check the host name of the machine by typing the following command: 


In Windows, you can check the host name by right-clicking on Network Neighborhood and selecting Properties, then selecting the Identification tab. 


Under SCO it's also possible that the hosts file may be fine except for the FLEXlm -15 error. Check to ensure that the /etc/hosts file contains the following: localhost # loopback address uname uname.hostname 

The format should be: 

<internet address> <official hostname> <aliases> 

Last Modified: 04/18/2022 Product: License Manager

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