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KB#00755-FLEXlm: License cannot be found / How to manually Brand the Pro5 Executable


FLEXlm: License cannot be found / How to manually Brand the Pro5 Executable


This information will help to solve FLEXlm Errors where the license or license manager cannot be found. (FLEXlm Errorr -1,359) 

For example, users that upgrade from earlier revs may have the following directory structure: 


Installing Pro5 2.10 would create the following directory structure: 


Change directories to the PRO/5 directory: 

        cd /usr/bbx/pro5/ 

Verify that BLMbrand exists by listing the contents of the directory. 


Run the following: 

./BLMbrand pro5 pro5.tmp /usr/bbx/pro5/ 

The actual syntax for the BLMBrand command is: 
./BLMbrand input_file output_file /dir_where_BASIS.lic_resides/ 

This will brand the pro5.tmp executable to the path where the basis.lic file resides. The basis.lic file is the file that points to the server where the Basis License Manager(BLM) is located. It is located in the directory where the pro5 executable resides. Copy the new file to the correct name: 

        cp ./pro5.tmp ./pro5 

To verify that you branded the executable to the correct BLM use the UNIX strings command. For example: 

strings pro5 | grep BLM 

will return 

Last Modified: 04/26/2004 Product: License Manager Operating System: UNIX

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