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KB#00723-Fsload error 34 when installing Pro5 under Unix


Fsload error 34 when installing Pro5 under Unix


This error can occur for different reasons: 

1) If the error occurs during the installation process, it indicates that there was not enough memory allocated when the install process attempts to create the config.bbx file. 

2) During normal startup, it can indicate that there are a large amount of devices on the system. 

3) During normal startup, it can indicate an error in the TERMCAP file.


1) To increase the memory being allocated modify the -w parameter on the following lines in the install script: 

        if [ -f pro5.nonet ]; then 
         ./pro5.nonet -cconfig.tmp -w256 -tT0 _install.bbx - INSTALL 
         ./pro5 -cconfig.tmp -w256 -tT0 _install.bbx - INSTALL 

To the following: 

        if [ -f pro5.nonet ]; then 
         ./pro5.nonet -cconfig.tmp -w1024 -tT0 _install.bbx - INSTALL 
         ./pro5 -cconfig.tmp -w1024 -tT0 _install.bbx - INSTALL 

2) Increase the STBLEN, FCBS, DEVS, and CIBS parameters in the config.bbx file 

3) Correct the TERMCAP file error 

Last Modified: 02/04/1999 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: UNIX Error Number:FSLOAD 34

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