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KB#00703-How to Print to a File Using Universal Naming Convention (UNC)


How to Print to a File Using Universal Naming Convention (UNC)


If the OS supports UNC using the Windows API calls, then PRO/5 can take advantage of opening files and shared devices via UNC. 

Usually Windows NTdoes quite well while Windows 95/98 seem to have problems with this. 
UNC can be used to communicate with printers, files, etc. 

Here's an example can uses a printer alias that prints to a file via UNC: 

        alias PDF "//Server/ShareName/testunc.txt" "" CR,O_CREAT 

Here's an example that uses UNC in a printer device alias line: 

        alias P0 //Server/SharedPrinter "printing via UNC" CR 

Here's an example opening the device directly, without using an alias line: 

        > open(1)"//Server/SharedPrinter"

Last Modified: 03/23/1999 Product: Visual PRO/5 Operating System: Windows NT

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