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KB#00694-Problem with Windows 98 and the Microsoft Client for NetWare


Problem with Windows 98 and the Microsoft Client for NetWare


From InfoWorld 7/20/1998, 

If you have upgraded to Windows 98 and are using the Microsoft Client for NetWare Networks and the Microsoft IPX/SPX-compatible protocol, you may see this message when you try to print to a printer or queue: "There was an error writing to <\\servername\sharename> for printer <printername>. The network print is no longer available. Contact your system administrator, or try using a different printer. This printer will be set to work offline. To save your print job in the local printer queue, click OK." Microsoft officials say this happens because the client uses an old NetWare Control Protocol single-byte-enabled function call to obtain connection information for the printer. Microsoft's fix is to use the Novell NetWare Client 32 update for Windows 95, available from Novell. 

Last Modified: 03/30/2000 Product: Visual PRO/5 Operating System: Windows 98

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