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KB#00667-DDBUILDER Error: Basis Dictionary file [path\config.tpm] file did not open


DDBUILDER Error: Basis Dictionary file [path\config.tpm] file did not open


The possible reasons for this error are: 

1. The config.tpm file does not exist 

2. The path for DICTIONARY is not correct in the config.tpm file. 

3. Using the OPEN option (instead of CREATE) on a config.tpm file that does not have existing dictionary files.


1. Verify that the config.tpm file does exist. 

2. Verify the path for the DICTIONARY global. There should be no spaces before or after the "=" sign and there should be an ending slash after the directory path: 


3. Use the CREATE option instead of the OPEN option. Highlight the existing config.tpm and click on DISPLAY and then CREATE. This is the only option that will create the empty dictionary files.

Last Modified: 07/10/1998 Product: DDBuilder Operating System: N/A

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