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KB#00602-Occasional Error 0's with a TCB(10)=30209 on Novell


Occasional Error 0's with a TCB(10)=30209 on Novell


On some systems, an Error 0 with a TCB(10)=30209 will occur on a file open. This seems to happen when another workstation already has the file open. The problem has been traced to the workstations having differernt revision levels (and possibly types) of the NetWare client kit installed. For example, if one workstation using NETX opens the file, another workstation using VLMs may get the error on an open.


Ensure that all of the workstations are using the same NetWare client kit.

Last Modified: 12/30/1997 Product: Visual PRO/5 Operating System: Novell Error Number: OS Error: 30209

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