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KB#00594-Printing to a device under UNIX results in a TCB(10)=-4


Printing to a device under UNIX results in a TCB(10)=-4


An asynchronous signal (such as interrupt or quit) which the user has elected to catch occurred during a system call. If execution is resumed after processing the signal it will appear as if the interrupted system call returned this error condition. In other words hitting "break" before printing the TCB(10) will destroy the host error information by writing over it with "4"- the interrupt. 

This has been seen when printing directly to a device (as opposed to printing to a spooler) - usually sometime after the first page. This can be avoided by increasing the timeout parameter on the alias line. This is accomplished by adding or modifying the WAIT mode on the alias line. Example: 

alias LP /dev/tty01 "My printer" wait=255 

Last Modified: 03/31/1998 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: Unix OS Error: 4

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