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KB#00534-Problem printing a large file to the Unix print spooler


Problem printing a large file to the Unix print spooler


When printing a large file to the spooler, PRO5 may hang or the print job might be truncated. 


To solve the problem, the first step is to see what may be causing the behavior. To accomplish this, the alias line was changed from 
alias P0 ">lp -denglj 2>/dev/null" .... 
alias P0 ">lp -denglj 2>/tmp/lp.log" .... 

When using the new alias line, any errors will be redirected to a log file instead of being thrown away. After recreating the problem, the lp.log file showed an entry that said: 
error: lp: stdin: copy file is too large. 

The problem was fixed by adjusting a switch in the /etc/printcap (mx) file that tells rprint how big a file can be. The default was 1mb, so when print jobs exceeding 1mb were sent to the spooler, BBx would hang. Adding mx0 to each printer takes away the ceiling. 

Last Modified: 02/13/1998 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: Unix

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