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KB#00520-Guidelines for configuring the NT Data Server


Guidelines for configuring the NT Data Server


The Windows NT Data Server introduces some special considerations when defining the prefix for both the server and client. Unlike the other Data Server Products that BASIS sells, Windows NT looks at its own drive as a Dos Drive. This can create problems because under DOS. Visual PRO/5 will search all available drives when the explicit path is not used, which can slow down performance and cause errors. 


The NT Data Server requires a config.bbx file that has all invalid drives being dsksyn'd (Typically A-Z excluding C). Failing to do this will result in either ERROR 17 or ERROR 12. Do not dsksyn the local NT drive where the Data Server is loaded and any valid NT drives from which you wish to access information. Remember, this is not the mapped drive your client may see but the drive that is local to the NT machine itself. It is also recommended that this config.bbx file for the NT Data Server be located in the working directory for the Data Server. Prior to Rev 1.05, there was an issue with the -c parameter not passing the config file to the NT Data Server. 

        dsksyn a: 
        dsksyn b: 
        #dsksyn c: 
        dsksyn d: 
        dsksyn e: 
        dsksyn f: 
        dsksyn z: 


Remember that the client config.bbx should also dsksyn all unavailable drives. It is recommended not to dsksyn the local drive where Visual PRO/5 executable resides; this will result in ERROR 12's when relying on the prefix to open files. 


The simplest method is to have the client config.bbx prefix reference the Data Server. 


        prefix /<ntserver> 

The prefix for the Data Server would then reference the directories to be searched. 


        prefix /basis/data/ /basis/data2/ 

Another method is to have the client config.bbx file directly reference the Data Server for each directory search. 


        prefix /<ntserver>/basis/data/ /<ntserver>/basis/data2/ 

You may also have a combination of both Data Server access and mapped drive access: 


        prefix /local/ f:/mapped/nt/drive/ /<ntserver> 


An ERROR 12 will result if you reference the Data Server in the client config.bbx prefix without setting the setopts bit for Data Server access, even if attempting to open local files. 

Last Modified: 06/22/1998 Product: PRO/5 Data Server Operating System: Windows NT

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