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KB#00472-FSLOAD error 17 after adding an alias to the config.bbx file


FSLOAD error 17 after adding an alias to the config.bbx file


If BBx fails to load with an FSLOAD error 17 after adding an alias line to the config.bbx file, it indicates that BBx had a problem with the new alias. This could be due to one of three things:

1) The new alias line increased the number of aliases in the config.bbx file so that it now exceeds the number of aliases allowed. The limit is determined by the config.bbx's ALIASES= parameter, which defaults to a fairly low value. If this is the case, the solution is to increase the ALIASES= parameter. Note that it's usually a good idea to make the value a couple higher than the actual number of aliases, to allow for future growth. A sample looks like: 
Also note that it is *very* common to misspell 'aliases', which results in BBx ignoring that line. Therefore, it's very important to spell it correctly! 

2) When BBx parsed out the newly added alias line, it found errors in it. This could be due to missing spaces, extra or unprintable characters, etc. Note that if you remark out *another* alias line, you can test to see if the load failure was due to problem #1 or #2. If remarking out another alias line solves the problem, then that indicates a problem with the ALIASES=. This is because the number of aliases is decreased, which solves the problem. Also, if the error goes away but the new line is still being parsed by BBx, it indicates that there is not a problem with that specific alias line. 

3) After adding the new alias line, the STBLEN parameter is now too low. The STBLEN parameter is responsible for (among other things), loading the contents on the config.bbx file in memory. Adding an alias line to the config.bbx file will increase its size, and that may be enough to make it larger than the STBLEN parameter can handle. If this is the case, the solution is to increase the STBLEN parameter. Note that this error has also been seen when the STBLEN parameter was missing the '=' sign. 

Last Modified: 02/23/2004 Product: PRO/5 Error Number: FSLOAD 17

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