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KB#00379-The default COLS= value changed in PRO/5 rev 1.04


The default COLS= value changed in PRO/5 rev 1.04


Previous to rev 1.04, PRO/5 did not set a default value for number of columns defined for a printer alias. Instead, it let the operating system make the decision and if there was a default set, that's what would be used. 

In rev 1.04, PRO/5 will default this parameter to 80 columns unless otherwise specified in the alias line. Therefore, past revisions may have been able to print 132 columns without specifying a columns mode in the alias. If this is attempted in PRO/5 rev 1.04 or greater, an error 1 will be issued as the printer is defined to only have 80 columns. 


If a columns value other than 80 is desired, it must be specified on the alias line via the COLS= mode, or via the CPCOLS and/or SPCOLS modes.

Last Modified: 02/23/2004 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: All platforms Error Number: 1

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