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KB#00377-Error 13 occurs when attempting to edit a line in IO mode


Error 13 occurs when attempting to edit a line in IO mode


If BBx is started in IO mode, attempting to edit a line will return an error 13.


Under UNIX, ensure that BBx has adequate information regarding the terminal type that you are on. In most cases, this involves setting a TERM environment variable to match a terminal type that is defined in the termcap file. The TERMCAP environment variable should point to this termcap file. Note that PRO/5 installs a sample termcap file in its root directory. Finally, an alias line such as: 

alias T0 /dev/tty term 

will do the trick if BBx is started with that alias line as in the following: 

./pro5 -tT0

Last Modified: 03/31/1998 Product: PRO/5 Error Number: 13

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