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KB#00365-Programs demonstrating SQL access to an ODBC-defined datasource


Programs demonstrating SQL access to an ODBC-defined datasource


The following example shows how to use SQL to query a database. It uses a datasource named 'Salesl_History', but any valid datasource can be used in its place. Note that it uses an aggregate function and a parameter in the query. 

0005 INPUT "Enter Sales Person:",SP$ 
0010 SQLOPEN (1)"Sales_History" 
0020 SQLPREP (1)"select count(*) as Total_Sales from sales_log where salesperson = ?" 
0040 SQLEXEC (1)SP$ 
0060 PRINT SP$," had",RCT.Total_Sales," sales" 


0010 SQLOPEN (1,MODE="ExecDirect=1")"ACCESS_CD_DB" 
0020 SQLPREP (1)"select * from discs" 
0030 SQLEXEC (1) 
0040 DIM A$:SQLTMPL(1) 
0050 LET A$=SQLFETCH(1,ERR=0160) 
0060 PRINT "Artist:"+A.ARTIST$ 
0070 PRINT "Title:"+A.TITLE$ 
0080 PRINT "Year:",A.YEAR 
0090 PRINT "Songs:",A.SONGS 
0100 PRINT "Rating:",A.RATING 
0110 PRINT "Category:",A.CATEGORY$ 
0130 PRINT $0D0A$ 
0140 INPUT "Press <CR> to continue...",* 
0145 PRINT $0D0A$ 
0150 GOTO 0050 
0160 CLOSE (1) 

Last Modified: 02/23/2004 Product: PRO/5

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