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KB#00296-Joins and linking tables via the 1.x ODBC Driver


Joins and linking tables via the 1.x ODBC Driver


The BASIS ODBC driver revisions 1.x only support inner joins. However, there is a problem with even that in the following circumstance: 

Assume two tables: 

        customer & salesman 

The customer wants the following fields: 


He/she will always get duplicate data in & That is, the customer's name will be in both fields, or the salesman's name will be in both. We use templates to get the data from BBx, and the table name is being thrown away when the data is being displayed. 

Therefore, if two tables are being joined and they have matching field names, the select statement must be modified to force unique field names when they are displayed: 

        select cust.cust_no, AS CNAME, AS SNAME (etc, etc) 

The key here is the AS fieldname to force unique fields. 

Last Modified: 06/30/2000 Product: BASIS ODBC Driver Operating System: Windows

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