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KB#00285-VSI-FAX alias example


VSI-FAX alias example


VSI-FAX Alias (Example) 

In config.bbx: 

alias PFXC ">fx -n$VNUM -C sample -t TOCO=\"$VCO\" -t TONAME=\"$VNAME\" -t_NOTE60x2=\"$VNOTE\" -t _NOTE60_2=\"$VNOTE1\"" "Fax modem with cover sheet" cr 

In BBx: 


NOTE: If there are any embedded spaces in any of the variables, define it as such ahead of time (before the OPEN): 

>LET VNUM$="""772 7170""" 

instead of: 
>LET VNUM$="772 7170" 

Last Modified: 02/23/2004 Product: PRO/5

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