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KB#00255-BBx PROGRESSION/4 is not supported under Windows NT


BBx PROGRESSION/4 is not supported under Windows NT


We do not currently support BBx PROGRESSION/4 for Windows running on Windows NTas it was not ported to that platform. Because Windows NT is substantially different from Windows 3.1+ and Windows for Workgroups 3.11, it will not run properly under Windows NT. 


However, Windows NT may be utilized in the following scenario: 
- BBx data and programs are located on an NT Server's shared drive 
- BBx is run on a Windows for Workgroups workstation, and is loaded from the NT's shared drive 

If you'd like to run directly on an NT machine, you will need to use Visual PRO/5 as it have been thoroughly tested on NT. 

Last Modified: 03/31/1998 Product: BBxPROGRESSION/4 Operating System: Windows NT

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