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KB#00234-FLEXlm error -1,359:2 returned from status (FlexLM -15 connecting to P5 DS)


FLEXlm error -1,359:2 returned from status (FlexLM -15 connecting to P5 DS)


A customer was getting a FLEXlm error=-15 trying to connect to P5 Dataserver. The BLM start up process, basis_lmgrd.exe would start; but not basis.exe, the BLM main process. 

The FLEXlm control panel applet was returning the error 

can't get server: cannot find license file -1,359:2 (No such file or directory) 

when clicking on the status button. The .lic files were all there and correct. The path to the License File as defined in this applet was incorrect. It showed: 

        F:\accting\apps\basis\BASISL~1with a trailing backslash. Removing the trailing backslash resolved the problem.


Last Modified: 01/29/2004 Product: License Manager Operating System: Windows Error Number: 15 1

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