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KB#00207-Information on BBxPLOT


Information on BBxPLOT


BBxPLOT will print to the listed Raster graphics capable devices. These include xterm terminals, laserjet/deskjet printers and console terminal devices--vga/cga/ega etc. See the termcap.plt for supported alias options. BBxPLOT will tell you if it finds a BBxPLOT capable device on the system by listing the devices on the usage example. 

$ bbxplot 


        bbxplot -p <PLOTTER> -k [Plotter Specific Options] 

where <PLOTTER> is one of hplj2, x11, qjet, hgc, cga, ega, vga, efxsgl, efxlsd, efxquad, efx9sd, efx9dd, elqsgl, elqdbl, elqtpl, elqhex, mtsgl, mtdbl 

An alias example would be: 

        alias D0 ">/usr/bbx/bbxplot -p hplj2 -v 1600 -m | lp -denglj -s 2>/dev/null" square150 
        alias D0 ">/usr/bbx/bbxplot -p vga 2>/dev/null" vga 

NON BBXPLOT graphics: 

For serial terminals and any other graphics printing for BBx you will use the standard graphics capabilities of BBx using a termcap entry for Unix graphics output on serial terminals (listed below) and print devices (also listed below)--any terminal that supports the Tektronix 4010 plot capability such as a Wyse 99gt, VT220, VT340 (color), an ICL gricl1, Wyse370 (color). The current PROGRESSION/4 or PRO/55 termcap includes entries for these terminals. The alias line would be the standard alias line just using a Dx ID for a graphics device, as in: 

        alias D0 /dev/ttyxx wy99gt 

Printers: HP7475 plotter and Sperry37 plotter would work the same as terminals in that we have termcap entries for these printers. You would alias them as graphics devices with a Dx alias and point to the termcap entry to use for printing such as: 

        alias D1 /dev/lp0 hp7475 

Under the DOS based products we support graphics via the dosshare device, as in: 

        alias D2 /dev/con dosshare mode=16 

For DOS based printers we have a few drivers to use. They are PCEPSON.DRV and quietjet.drv. The alias would be: 

        alias D3 /dev/lpt1 dosplot driver=pcepson.drv 

Last Modified: 07/27/1998 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: All platforms

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