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KB#00157-Error 12 using the Novell 32bit Client Kit for Windows 95


Error 12 using the Novell 32bit Client Kit for Windows 95


Error 12's were being reported on a called program that was flagged as Read Only. There is a parameter you can set on 32 bit Novell client about changing the access of Read Only files. This may be necessary for some applications so they appear as read/write to the application.


The name of the parameter is "Read Only Compatibility". Changing the parameter solved the error 12's. This is located in the Novell NetWare Client32 Advanced Settings under the Network section of the Control Panel of Windows 95 and should be checked to turn on. 

Last Modified: 04/09/1998 Product: Visual PRO/5 Operating System: Novell, Windows 95Error Number: 12

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