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KB#00129-Sharing Violation, Multi-User License Not Recognized on second invocation


Sharing Violation, Multi-User License Not Recognized on second invocation


This error can occur for one of two reasons: 

1) Running a multi-user version of BBx in a non-networked environment will cause the product to behave as a single-user product. Because it's now running in single-user mode, invoking BBx a second time will cause a "Sharing Violation". 

2) The executable has not been flagged as read-only from the operating system. 

NOTE: This only applies to Vpro5 product prior to Rev 2.1x,


1) Ensure that the product is run in a network environment in order for it to behave as a multi-user product. 

2) Set the executable to read-only. Under DOS, an example would be: 
        attrib +r pro5.exe 
Under Novell, an example would be: 
        flag pro5.exe +ro 

Last Modified: 12/30/2003 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: MS Dos, Novell Windows f

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