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KB#00127-Decription of how the FCBCACHE config.bbx parameter works


Decription of how the FCBCACHE config.bbx parameter works


When FCBCACHE is included in the config.bbx file, PRO/5 will keep files opened at the system level, if possible, even after an application has requested a file channel to be closed. The purpose of this is to make subsequent OPENs to the same file occur very quickly, based on the assumption that the application will OPEN the file again at a later time. Keep in mind that although PRO/5 never closes the file from the system level, the channel that the file was OPENed on will not have the file associated with it any longer - it can be used to open another file or device. 


1) Files kept open by FCBCACHE after a CLOSE cannot be exclusively locked or removed by other PRO/5 application programs running on the same system. 

2) PRO/5 program files are cached in the same manner as data files. 

3) To force PRO/5 to actually close all files that may be opened due to FCBCACHE, one of the following commands must be issued: 

Last Modified: 02/10/2004 Product: PRO/5 Operating System: All platforms

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